Reflective Re-patterning

Why do some therapies like TFT Tapping work and then get undone?

Therapies get undone because only part of the emotional charged energies are treated if you treat less than 50% of the problem and most often less than 20% then the remaining  energies rekindle the issue.

What about toxins that allegedly undo a treatment like anxiety in TFT tapping and other therapies?

When an emotional issue such as anxiety is linked to a toxin ie a certain food group or product as an energy toxin that is because the emotion has an association with that product, ie you may have had an emotional shock whilst consuming a product or whilst in the mothers womb. Because TFT tapping and other therapies only deals with the surface emotional charges and leaves the other charges un tapped then the link is still there. Just like Pavlov ringing a bell when he fed his dogs and then just by ringing the bell without feeding them he found the dogs salivating. So an emotional disturbance will also work with associational links.

RR works with all the charges and therefore breaks the links. RR also has ways of further desensitising the energy toxins. These must be understood as different  from allergies and biochemical toxins. Although allergies have also a trauma link and can be helped with RR medical checks are necessary as part of any RR protocol.


Is it true that RR effects more than just the person receiving the treatment?

Yes for instance a client comes  to me and is upset that someone close to them has lied. I reflect back to the client do you have a high trust and honesty value that you hold, and most likely they do or another value that has been conflicted.  We clear the excess charge in the value of positive and negative and other opposing energies until they are feeling clear. The client no longer resonates with that issue and therefore that vibration with that person. That person then changes their resonance to the problem and that person. RR has many stories where someone has had a falling out and had their resonance's cleared and then the relationship suddenly changes for the better even if they have not seen or spoken to that person in even years.


How does RR diagnose the many different energy points and opposing energies and which ones the the clients clear and which ones the therapist clears?

RR diagnoses over the phone or together with a client through self muscle testing. RR uses one particular muscle test however in training offers a range including the once not so secret Voice Technology test and dowsing too.


What sorts of emotional issues can RR work with?

RR can work with a vast array of emotional problems and issues if RR cannot work then there will be no charge.

RR is hugely successful working with anxiety including severe anxiety, negative beliefs, negative internal chatter and dialogue, stress depression, fears phobias and all emotions  upsets etc.


How does RR work with anxiety?

RR finds values and emotional states we call filters that process our thought patterns and clears them. Thus each time we get a new thought it goes through a clear filter. If we imagine a pond with twenty filters if we clear just one then the other filters that are unclear and blocked strain the other. We can clear anxiety or depression ands stress filters and they have an amazing effect but only when the other filters that drip feed anxiety stress depression etc are cleared will they be totally free of the problem.


Tell me more about Values and filters.

RR has the client list their most favoured values they hold dearly ie freedom security honesty non judgemental generosity kindness etc and the values they most dislike in self and others ie critical harsh dishonesty judgemental insecurity selfishness etc. RR will deliberate how they may conflict. IE someone who loves freedom and is constantly travelling working a week at a time here and there and hates loneliness. Will find that freedom is driving them  into loneliness. Only by balancing the energies between client and therapist of freedom and loneliness will the conflict be resolved and most likely love and other filters will need to be cleared.


Does RR work with specific issues?

Yes however in most cases indirectly. By clearing our big filters we generally clear our specific problems. For specific problems to be cleared long term then the generalised filters in most cases will need clearing.


How many RR sessions does someone need?

This is dependant on the person, however for someone to feel very in the clear ie a clear mind that is calm and largely  not affected with huge emotional charges with other peoples problems issues and behaviours and internal negative chatter.  A set of five sessions running at two hours is recommended. However if the client is under severe long term stress anxiety and or depression a doubling of the sessions may be necessary for full long term elimination of their symptoms. However some short term and long term  benefits will be noticed immediately on starting treatments.


What are some of the premises that RR works by?

RR believes that no one person can either  fulfil or  upset another. That the other person has an emotional charge and conflict or void already going on  that is triggered by someone or something else within themselves. This charge is only a signal for healing and becoming more complete.


Are you saying a positive emotion is as beneficial to healing as an negative emotion?

Absolutely yes. An example being that if we are attracted to something or someone ie charm or kindness or intelligence etc when we reflect it back to ourselves in most cases there is a void we need to fill by going out of ourselves externally to fill it. Ie meeting charming intelligent kind people. Or that we have had  some experiences that need healing. Many people idolise a celebrity and get their fix by watching them on tv or live and feel complete when they do so. Some take it to the extreme and stalk others boyfriend sand girl friends etc. some go thrill seeking with dangerous sports and or other activities like gambling etc and only feel complete when they only externally source their emotional voids. When they heal those voids they can still enjoy their entertainments but they wont feel driven to  do so to feel complete.


Why is RR so successful and leads all other psychological tools conventional and unconventional with unprecedented success rates?

RR framework and therapy has discovered that even the most successful psychological tools and therapy including NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING NLP, NEW CODE NLP, EYE MOVEMENT DESENSITISATION REPROCESSING EMDR THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY TFT, EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE EFT HYPNOTHERAPY TAPPAS ACUPRESSURE TECHNIQUE TAT COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY CBT and many more when at best they have a 90% or more success rate in helping clients or patients they are at maximum working with only 50% of the problem and more likely 20% or less.

RR treats up to 100% of the problem in as near as possible 100% of the problem.

The whole field of psychology even the genius of Richard Bandler NLP creator and Dr Roger Callahan TFT creator presumed that a negative emotion was not good and a positive emotion is good, in fact a positive emotion is as bad as a negative emotion is good. Clearing the full charge in an emotion needs positive and negative ying and yang male female energies good and bad light and dark balanced. Only by working with the complete problem can we resolve the complete problem.


Why is RR so successful?

RR  is the only psychological therapy and framework that balances positive and negative ying and yang male female energies light and dark good and bad on an issue. Emotion means energy in motion, only by clearing all of the energies in emotion in a complex framework of diagnosing energy matrixes can the full problem or issue be resolved.


What is RR?

RR is a psychological framework that uncovers very deeply held unconscious conflicting values, emotional and belief patterns. The RR framework then clears the charge that creates friction between these patterns. Leaving the receiver feeling calm clear and stronger.


Why do some very successful therapies help some people a little or not at all?

When those therapies only part treat an issue or a problem it is because they have only been working with some of the energies involved. Sometimes they hit on the most intense energies and leave the others and other times they hit on the weakest energies and leave the majority untouched.


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